“A significant center of olive oil production from the Minoan era to the present day is the area in which our company, Evosmos S.A. is located. The unique microclimate of semi-mountainous Episkopi Rethymno, on the north coast of Crete, favors its production and quality. After many years of experience in the field and having begun as producers, we continue to pursue the family tradition with persistence, passion and much love. The vertical production unit in all its stages – olive grove, olive mill, quality control, storage and standardization is the ticket to the exceptional olive oil juice that we package.”

extra virgin olive oil

ELEONES MANOLAKI extra virgin olive oil is produced from olives of the Koroneiki and the Tsounaten variety in our two-phase olive mill on the same day that the olives are harvested.

It is a trip to the scents of Crete -citrus fruit, fresh almond, artichoke, tomato, grass and herbs, with ideal indicators of bitter and spicy.

ELEONES MANOLAKI has been honored with awards such as DLG, Selection, Great taste, Tutti i sensi, Berlin GOOA and is definitely in the running to win a forever place on kitchen shelf of every home.

Manolakis’ Olive Groves Awards

virgin olive oil

Virgin olive oil “OLIVE” is cold extracted by olives of the Koroneiki and the Tsounaten variety in Episkopi of Crete.

Prefered for raw consumption but also for frying due to its soft and mild taste.

5lt tin can

cretan olives

Cretan olives are made of green olives of the Tsounaten variety collected in October from selected cretan olive groves.

The cretan name is “kolumpades” which means those who swim.

They are small raugh whole olives swimming in water, salt, vinegar, citrus juice and of course in extra virgin olive oil.

Cretan Olives
Evosmos S.A.

since 1978

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